Roy Voogd

Disturbingly fascinating, I have now seen the film three times and each time I am surprised at how author and intellectual Stefan reflects on the world in his vlogs, seemingly dispassionately emotional, from a raw and uncoloured colourful self-image. The metamorphosis in how Stefan presents himself is touching and of great beauty. I found that in the first five minutes, I almost started to get irritated by the simple manner of filming. Confrontational almost, where I also caught myself getting irritated with Stefan. But after a few minutes, there comes a peculiar moment when that very raw simplicity starts to be confrontational and then turns into fascination that doesn’t let you go. Stefan gradually turns into a very layered character, intelligent, creative and emotional. Almost hypnotically slow-video at a time when communication is actually still mainly in polarising, unsubtle one-liners. Most impressive, chapeau!