The feature length of the film was achieved by adding episodes. Both the episodese-form and the selfie-form enabled a fragmented overall narration.

Beatka and Onno at the same time knew that the subjects of the episodes added could not be too diverse if they were not to risk total fragmentation. Each episode needed to concern an overarching theme that binds all episodes together. The theme chosen was identity as a result of the relation between the impact of external individuals, internal consciousness, and acts of creation.

Beatka and Onno hoped that the fragmented overall narration would create a space for the viewer to create their own interpretation of how from the relation between the constituting elements an identity emerges. At the same time, Onno hid clues, both on a textual level and on a visual level, of how he thought the process of emerging could take place. The clues provide a direction but not a definitive answer, since it concerns a film and not an essay. Nevertheless, the presence of clues in the film can be taken by viewers as a motivation to see the film again.