Dialogi. Sens. Jak zaczynać? Ja – Jarek Janiszewski.

Dialogi is the name of a planned series of interviews with Polish people who reflect on the human condition. According to Yuval Noah Harari (21 lessons for the 21st century, 2018) one of humanity’s main future challenges is that large segments of the population might become irrelevant. Assuming a way will be found to safeguard the irrelevants’ physical survival, the question remains what will safeguard their psychological well-being.

In 2019 OHN initiated a series of meetings with Polish individuals (in Polish) who regularly reflect on the human condition. Inspiration for the meetings is the ThreeCity Altenative Scene in the nineteen eighties in which youngsters who felt irrelevant created a notion of sense for themselves. (Currently, the live recording has been suspended as a result of the Covid-19 pandemia.)

Jarek Janiszewski, the frontman of the legendary Polish band Bielizna, stars in first episode of Dialogi.

The first episode was recorded in the legendary Gdańsk bar Lawendowa 8. Marek Wojciechowki and his Multicam Vision are responsible for the realisation of the program. Beata Staszyńska-Hansen directed the program.